Adjusting for cables

Hi all,
I’ve been knitting since I was a kid but only recently taught myself to knit cables. My husband wants a cardigan, which I could do without a pattern ordinarily. But he wants cables, and from what I can tell, cables narrow the width of what you’re knitting. I’m wondering if there’s any standard measurement for how much to adjust measurements to take that into account. So if I’m using a yarn that knits 10 stitches to an inch, for instance, would I consider that something like 12 stitches when cabling? 15? Am I making any sense?

Thanks in advance for advice. I’ve looked at patterns but I never use them and they don’t make much sense to me.

You’re right that cables will change the stitch gauge. The best way to figure this out is to knit a swatch with your yarn and needles. You could knit an area with cables and an area without to give the best measurement.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m just worried I won’t get the measurements right. When I do samples, sometimes I’m off despite my best efforts. I tend to use yarn I’m familiar with as a result, to avoid that problem. So the cables add an unfamiliar element! But I guess I’ll just try it and see.

Any estmate that you get from knitting the swatch is going to be better than a formula. You’ll be able to factor in the yarn and cable type and frequency in the swatch.
Enjoy knitting the cardi!