Adjusting a pattern

How can I adjust a child’s sweater pattern to an adult size? I’m sure it depends on the pattern, but any tips?

I would compare measurements between the pattern and the adult size that you want to make. All the measurements won’t be proportionally the same. You should be able to add stitches and rows knowing the gauge you’re getting and the measurements you want for the adult size. Here’s a link that may help with the conversion.

Keeping in mind a child’s body is more square and boxy than an adults it may be a little difficult. If it’s a top down raglan, then you would need more sts for the neck, assign the back, front and sleeve sts in the same proportion and just keep increasing to the underarm. Do you have a pattern in mind? It may be easier to find an adult pattern that’s similar, or take a basic adult pattern and change the stitch pattern to what you like about the child’s pattern.

This is the easiest. It’s a generic sweater pattern generator. It has various sizes for men, women, children and types of sweaters. You select the sizes and it gives you a pattern.