Adjusting A Pattern

I have a pattern for a blanket that is roughly 3 ft. x 3 ft. You start by casting on 4 sts. and increasing 1 st. at the beg. of every row. Inc. until you have 208 sts. then start dec., decreasing by 1 st. until there are 5 sts. left. Then, I believe (I don’t have the pattern in front of me), you k1, k2 tog. and k2…I think…but, it’s not all that important…lol…Basically my question is: since I want to double the size of the blanket, I know I would knit double the amount of sts., however, when I get ready to bind off, where it instructs to knit until there are only 5 sts. left, should I keep it at 5 sts., or, knit until I have 10 sts. left on my needle? Or, is that totally wrong too? lol…Despite being a knitter, I’m absolutely terrible at math! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks in advance!

Decrease down to whatever you cast on. I’d start with the original 4 and go up to double the width and reduce down to 4 again.

It’s knit from corner to corner right? So you start with the same 5 sts and just keep increasing until you have double the number of sts. Then you decrease until you have 5 sts left and finish the same way as the smaller one. The only difference will be the maximum number of sts.

Thanks a ton! I was thinking I would still need to decrease to the 5 sts., but, wanted to make sure. And yes, it’s knit corner to corner :slight_smile: