Adjust sweater to male sizing?

So I found the perfect sweater for my DH… but it’s for a female! :doh: It’s the Big Sack Sweater from Stitch n Bitch. It’s already a pretty baggy sweater, but how would I go about adjusting it to fit my L-XL husband? Also, I’d like to make it a crew neck instead of the roll neck the pattern specifies. Thanks!

I am certainly no expert at re-sizing existing patterns, but an easy option would be to use a different needle size. I don’t know if that would give consistent results though, although the pattern looks fairly basic so it might work. You would also probably want to extend the length of the sleeves and the body but that is easily done. The first thing you might want to do (although you probably already have) is check the finished measurements of the pattern as it is, even though it’s designed for a female, those measurements look really big on the XL, it might just be big enough already. As for changing the roll neck to a crew neck, hopefully someone else will chime in!

thanks! I didn’t check the measurements last night when I was looking at the book, I will have to do that! I read on craftster that the example shown on the model was really a large, so I might not have to change too much! Perhaps I should check out S&B Nation from the library again… I know it had a section about making mods to patterns like this…

Yes, you’re right now that I think about it - S’nB Nation has a whole section on changing necklines, etc.

:thumbsup: Yep, I’m re-sizing a sweater pattern for myself right now and that book has been VERY helpful!!