"adjust raglan to fit"


I am trying my hand at a cardigan, specifically the cavern cardigan. I have done the increases from the top and I am ready to put the stitches for the sleeves on scrap yarn. The next step after I do that reads: “Try on your sweater to adjust raglan length to fit.” Unfortunately, I don’t know what this means! What am I checking to see if it fits? And if it doesn’t fit, what do I do about it?

I know what a raglan sweater is, but I guess I don’t really get what the raglan is exactly!

Thanks for your help!


You want the raglan line (where you’ve been doing the increases) to meet at the underarm and to see if there’s enough sts for the sleeves to go around your arm and if there’s enough body sts too. If there’s too many and it’s too baggy at the underarm, take out 2-4 rows. If it’s too short and not enough sts, keep knitting, increasing every other row until you get enough. If it’s just right, divide the sleeve sts off and go on.

Ok, that makes total sense.

I tried it on (after having put the sleeves on scrap yarn, as the pattern said) and I think it would be safer to add another few increases. So I have to put the sleeve stitches back on the needles. I guess I also have to tink the row of fronts and back I knit so that I can do the increases. That’s a pain! I wish the instructions had said to check before separating the sleeve stitches.

Thanks so much for your help!