Adjust a pattern? Marriners MS151


I think this is a long shot but…
I love this pattern
But. I would like it in size 48 and in yarn bulky,
Is there anyway to convert the pattern?

Thank you in advance

That’s going to take so much reworking that it’s likely easier to find a similar pattern in the size and yarn weight you want. With the current pattern you’d have to account for both the thinner weight yarn and the larger size which is a lot of redesign.
Shortening the body and sleeve length wouldn’t be difficult.

If you haven’t already, try an advanced search on Ravelry specifying yarn weight and cardigan to see many pages of possibilities.

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Thank you for you reply. I will have another search on Ravelry . I really like the neck line on the original cardigan. It that called a scoop neck in the knitting world ?
You really are a knitting help Marvel thank you

Yes, that’s a scoop neck. It is lovely. Good luck with your search!