Was anyone able to get the Adipose pattern before it was ripped down?

Not me … I don’t think.

Where was it? (maybe I did but don’t remember it by name?)

Teach me to search first, question later. I suppose you wanted the first one here. there are a few others, but I’m sure you already saw them at ravelry.

it is the mazzmatazz one I want…apparently it is not impossible to get…but really really tough…as Massmatazz is not going to give them out!!

I’ve never heard of that thing/pattern. Why did they make them take it away? :??

Well…Adipose are a critter from Doctor Who…in short…they are little alien babies fostered from ppls fat. It sounds gross…but they are really cute…

Here is an article about what happened…

I wonder they haven’t gone after the crochet versions. Only one of t0ose had the sense not to use the actual ‘Adipose’ name.

but honestly, the basic shape wouldn’t be hard to reproduce. It reminds me of a tooth-shaped toothfairy pillow I recently made from knitpicks, just slightly modified, and add little arms & legs.
or this one might be workable:

Or I bet you could search thru amigurmi patterns and find something the same basic shape.

Or grab one of the crochet patterns just to use as a template to recreate the shape in knitting. Or learn to crochet. :slight_smile:

few more ideas - did you try the wayback machine?

Or seeing who the 172 projects listed at ravelry were knit by, maybe contacting one of them? though chances are they won’t be willing to share.


Yeah…well…Mazzs is definatly the best one out there…I did grab a crochet one…but I don’t really crochet well…

I actually asked a few ppl who had actually done the pattern…and only heard back from one person, who very kindly said that “Mazz would go spare” if she found out ppl were sharing her pattern. I stoped asking after that…

She did also suggest that I might try the way back machine, or combing through the forums, as there is bound to be a working link in there somewhere…

I have spent hours combing the forums…and didn’t even scratch the surface!!! I did try the way back machine…and I think I might have been asking it the wrong thing…but I couldn’t turn up anything there either!

Crycket - sent you a PM w/another idea.



I made this one and it turned out really well. The BBC went into melt down about it. That is why it is called a fat baby. No one else was going to make one so why go for a knitter?

Yeah…I saw him…it is cute…

I am just not that great a crocheter!!

I will try him one day though!