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I think it’s time I started my own thread for all my projects, so that I don’t tie up the “Whattcha knittin,” forum :slight_smile:

I’ve been knitting for about 3 years now and started by just wanting my own Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf. I couldn’t find one to buy that I liked, so i decided to knit my own. I remebered that when I was 6 years old my grandma taught me how to knit and the only thing I did at the time was one scarf, using up one skein of green yarn, that barely wrapped around my little neck once. When I finished my first Doctor Who scarf it was 18 feet and about 7+ skeins of different yarn. I wear it every winter and LOVE it!!

As you might know, my current project is knitting a Union Flag blanket that is now almost bigger than me…and it’s only 1/2 done!! Lined up I have another blanket for a fund raiser, a pair of fingerless gloves, a sweater and stuffed Totoro doll. I’m one of those people that once i get excited about a craft I just want to spend all my time and KNIT ALL THE THINGS! :woot: I’ll use this blog to post progress pics and random chat. Feel free to join me on my journey :hug:

looking forward to seeing pictures of your projects.

I was looking for yarn on-line the other day to get ideas for my next blanket (the Lion Brand Hometown USA is alright, but i’m hoping for something a bit softer for my next one) and I happened across The Village Yarn and Fiber Shop .
What a great site! I thought to myself “I would love to go to this shop and gaze in aww at all the wool, but it’s probably in California or somewhere equally impossible to get to in an hour’s drive. Most if not all the yarn specialty shops in my area have closed.” and then I clicked on their location and OMG!! THEY’RE TWO TOWNS OVER FROM ME!!! Granted that East Rochester is on the other side of the county from where I live and I’ve only ever been there for my driver’s test when I was 16, but going to this store would be worth it.

Husband and I went there on Saturday and not only was their in-store yarn selection better then anything in the large chain stores (they also special order), the staff were so friendly and helpful and full of great advice for me about my project.

My husband kept looking at the knitted samples of sweaters and scarves that were all over the store and hinted heavily that “Hand knitted sweaters are the best! It would be really nice if I had a hand knitted sweater.” After telling him that there was nothing stopping him to knit his own sweater, I guess I’m going to add that to my list of projects…:teehee:

I left there with 8 skeins of lovely yarn and a new set of circular needls and now anytime I need yarn, i will go there…:inlove:
If you’re near the Rochester, NY area I highly recommend going there or at the very least checking out the website.


scarf done?
husband has learned to knit?

I’ll check out the link. :slight_smile: