Additional gift for twins

I recently knit hats and booties for a friend’s twin babies. I also made them each a washcloth with their initial. I used the charts from the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket from the Baby Knits Book

Sorry for the poor photo quality - had to use my cell for these pictures!

What a neat gift! I think I have a new baby gift idea, thanks!

Those are very cute!:thumbsup:

Very cute! And a great gift idea too!

What a neat idea. If we ever name our baby I’ll have to make one of those !!

Great job!!! She will love them!

Nice work! Aren’t they just the bestest gifts!!!

Those are so sweet. Great job. Can you tell me what yarn you used for them? They look “smooshy” and soft!

Just regular ol’ sugar 'n cream!

Very neat. How did you make the holes for the letters?

Cute idea!

Yarn overs!