Addition to our family

I’ve actually never seen a chinchilla before, but they’re cute! My daughter just got Jasper. His fur is incredibly soft!

They are very soft! And cute :slight_smile:

:heart::heart: AWW! What a sweetie! I’d love to have a chinchilla but we have enough animals for now…lol

Jasper looks exactly like my sister’s chinchilla Musubi. They are very cute indeed! We have one of those giant hamster balls that he runs around in, it’s too fun to watch! I don’t know how friendly your chinchilla is, but Musubi doesn’t really like to be held all that much. If you were watching TV with him or something, you got to keep a good hold on him or he will take off under the couch!

Jasper doesn’t mind being held for a few seconds, but he’d much rather jump down and explore. He bites everything and poops everywhere, so he’s allowed in his ball for a bit, but I don’t want him running free through the house! He’s so cute at night when he gets hungry and wants his dinner. He stands up in his cage and makes a ton of noise when it’s dinner time!

My daughter had a chinchilla MANY years ago. He was very cute. He never really got so you could hold him for long but we enjoyed watching him alot. Have you given him a dust bath yet? They are the funniest thing to watch in their bowl of dust.

Ours was “Bently” and he lived in the kitchen on top of the dog crate. Which just happened to be in the front of my sinck (center island kitchen). When I would wash the dishes he would come over to the sink side of the cage a chatter away at me.

Ginny: Jasper loves his dust bath! I think she gives him one twice a week.

Aww, he looks cute!

If you haven’t gotten one yet, they make this little house for dust baths. Keeps it a little bit less messy :slight_smile:

Sweet :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: !!!