Addis vs Options

Which of these lace needles have the sharper points? Thanks! :muah:

OPtions have the sharper points.

I haven’t used the Addi Lace needles, but the Options have super sharp points-- much pointer than the regular Addi Turbos.

Actually, I think the Addi Turbo Lace have the sharper points, but just marginally over the Options. At least they feel a little pointier when I am knitting with them. I love them both however!

here, hope these help!

the set of 3 are
(from top to bottom) regular Addi turbos (size 5), the new lace Addi’s (3’s), and Knitpicks Options circulars (also 3’s)


set of 5 (all size 5)
top to bottom: susan bates silverlume, knit picks option, inox grey, addi turbo, clover bamboo

I just cast on a lace project with size 4 options, and while the first row after the cast on was a bit tight (I cast on tight anyway) they are working great from there on, and the yarn is true, splitty, gorgeous silk lace. Hope that helps!

Ditto what was said above - Addi Lace have sharper points than KP Options, which have sharper points than regular Addis. I had to buy a pair of the Addi Lace b/c I didn’t have the KP Options in the size I needed (size 3). The Addi Lace are definitely a bit sharper, but not so much that I would want to replace my Options with them. [I *much* prefer the Options to regular Addis, which had been my needle of choice before the Options were introduced.]

I think the answer lies in the users perception. I have and have used both the Addis lace and the Option’s. In my opinion the Option’s are sharper. I know others disagree, that is why I said it just comes down to perception.