Addis or options?

which do you prefer for speed? Addis or Options?

Addis. They’re just a bit smoother…more buttery. Options are close, very close, and I really enjoy working with them, but for speed they’re not quite a match for Addis.

Addis are dangerously fast. I prefer them to anything else.

I say just the opposite from Angelia…my Options are lots faster than my addis! I love, love, love the point on Options, not only is the needle fast because of the coating, but you can get in and out of any sts very quickly with that point :cheering: :cheering:
I have many addis that sit unattended since I’ve gotten my Options.

Though I love my Ang, I’m gonna hafta agree with Rebecca. I prefer my Options to my Addis by far.

[edited to clarify: Not that I don’t love you too rebecce! :heart: :heart: ]

I have just become a convert and over the last month have started to replace all my needles with Addis. I would definitely buy the options when I have a chance, but I love the Addis. What makes the biggest difference for me between addis and regular cheapy needles (not options) is the cord. I like the soft pliable cord.

I had been a devoted Addi Addict, but now I’m an Options convert. I find them to be faster, esp. when knitting lace. The sharp tip helps me knit more quickly and smoothly.

Still use my Addis for anything that requires a 16" cable.

LOL, you are too sweet :muah: