Addining on with a new ball of yarn

Hi all Just a quick question… or two he he he

  1. how much yarn do you need to make a basic scarf… aprox in feet…


  1. if i run out of yarn before I finish how do I add on you just over lap the old srand with the new?

Someone please help.

Thank you

I haven’t figured out how to do a link very well, so the “long” way to get to the video you want is to click on the Basic Techniques tab at the top of this page, then click on “…AND MORE”, scroll down to the fifth picture and you will see “Joining the same color yarn”. That video is your answer.

As far as amounts of yarn, it depends on the pattern. What you should do is go to the free patterns tab above and browse the scarf section. That will give you a better idea of what is available and supplies you might need.

Most likely some kind person will come along shortly and pop a link in here for you, but if you’re like me, you want an answer NOW.

I agree with Sara that the amount of yarn needed for a scarf depends on the type yarn and the pattern. For a basic scarf that’s about 60 inches in length, it usually takes at least 2 skeins of yarn on a size 15 or 17 straight needle, casting on 12-15 stitches and doing in garter stitch…again, depends on the pattern (if you have a pattern, it will tell you how much yarn and the size of finished scarf), yarn and width you want but I’d at least use 2 skeins or at least 85-90 yards of yarn.

When I join, I just overlap and continue :XX: It’s best to join at the beginning of a row.