Adding Width For Custom Fit?

Hi guys,

So I have a quick question that might be a bit confusing, so I apologize in advance. First off I’d like to let you know that I’m working to make a knitted dog sweater from the following website:

www dot talkingtails dot com/sweater dot html
(just change all “dots” to “.” )

It is supposed to be really easy and because I’m super good at making scarves, I thought I would try to make a sweater for both of my little Jack Russell girls, Bailey and Poppy.

Now, the pattern on Talking Tails says that you need to use Red Hearts classic yarn. From my search online I found out that the Red Hearts classic yarn is actually medium weight four. The yarn I’d like to use is actually only double knit, and if I’m not wrong that means that it is light weight 3. If found out that using a 4mm needle and the double knit yarn that 8 stitches and 8 rows makes one square inch. So I figured, by much calculations just how many stitches/rows I would need to make the custom fitted sweaters.

My question is really this: if I needed to add/take away width to/from the chest area of the sweater, would I need to add it to the under panel of the sweater(as you have to knit both pieces separately) or would I need to add/take away width to the back panel? My first thought was that it should probably be added to the bottom. But, seeing as I’m not a master knitter, I thought I’d get some sound advice.

Also, on the under panel, you have to start decreasing until you get to the neck. The pattern says you only decrease 3 times…but the image shows it is slowly working to a smaller angle. I was a bit confused by this and am wondering if I’m misunderstanding.

Another thing, will it be terribly difficult to make stripes in a pattern that decreases?

Thank you guys so much for your help!



I thought I would list how many rows/stitches I’ve figured I would need for the measurements of each dog. That way you guys can tell me if I’m doing it wrong.

[B]Measured Area…BAILEY…POPPY[/B]
Around Chest:…14.5 inches…18 inches
Neck to Tail:…12 inches…16 inches
Chest to Ribs:…8 inches…9 inches
Around Neck:…11 inches…11.5 inches
Around Legs:…7 inches…8 inches
Around Waist:…12 inches…15 inches

Here is how I worked the measurements as far as stitches/rows go for the given pattern:

Bailey’s length:
Under panel: 36 stitches wide and 56 rows long
Back panel: 84 stitches wide and 96 rows long.

Poppy’s length:
Under panel: 36 stitches wide and 72 rows long
Back panel: 84 stitches wide and 128 rows long.

Those measurements are just for the added length. The width is where my real problem is because I don’t know which panel I’m supposed to add to. I assume it’s the under panel. If that is the case, should the measurements be as followed:

Bailey’s length/width:
Under panel: 32 stitches wide and 56 rows long
Back panel: 84 stitches wide and 96 rows long.

Poppy’s length/width:
Under panel: 60 stitches wide and 72 rows long
Back panel: 84 stitches wide and 128 rows long.

You can adjust the number of sts across the chest and between the legs proportionately. So look at the number of sts between the legs at the chest and also from one leg over the back to the other leg and change your number from there . Or you could just measure those areas on your dog and calculate the number of sts using you swatch as a guide.
I think altering the decreases and the placement of decreases depends on the difference between you dog and the pattern measurements. You may find it easier to set these decreases as you go along and of course a little looser is better for a dog, I think.

You might be able to get the same gauge with your thinner yarn by using the same needles as in the pattern - some DK yarn is nearly as thick as worsted. The sweater would be a little thinner, but probably just as warm. That way you wouldn’t need to adjust the pattern at all.

But if you use the 4mm, then you’d need to add to both the back and chest portions, the length is likely already given in inches so just knit as many rows as it takes for the length you need. Check the leghole measurements too.

Hi guys! So I edited my post with the modifications that I think are needed. I’d already figured the length by adding to the back panel. So for the circumference addition, I’d need to the bottom? Is that what I’m understanding??As for measure, the area I would measure is between the legs across the chest?

Suqeez, I was considering trying to do the pattern with my dk, but it is pretty thin. I have some left over medium weight 4 left over from another project and it is noticeably thicker than the yarn I’m using. :pout: The yarn that I have are just some left over balls that I bought for another project that didn’t get used. If I were doing these sweaters the correct way, then I would have bought the proper yarn. :wink:

Okay, it was worth asking. Sounds like you’ve got it figured out, just measure the piece as you go to make sure it’s on track, keep in mind, you might want it an inch or so larger for wiggle room, not skin tight.

For this pattern, you’re knitting the back and the under panel separately and then sewing them together. So it would be helpful to know how many stitches you’ll need for the under panel between the legs and how many for the back section at the leg openings too. (I think you also need a patient dog who doesn’t mind being a model for your measurements.) It looks like an adaptable pattern that should work well.