Adding To Existing Patterns?

I want to make a pair of fingerless mittens, using this pattern:

I love this cable pattern, but I prefer a thumb gusset instead of a hole. Is there a way to add one? If so, how?

Instead of making the hole, you could follow the directions from a different mitten pattern for the thumb gusset.

:muah: Thanks, Ingrid. That makes sense. I’ve never been able to create designs. If it’s not written in the pattern, I’ve always been scared to add it. :teehee:

So where the pattern says to start the hole, I’d start a gusset from another pattern instead?

That’s what I would do. What’s nice about mittens is that you can try them on as you go, so you can get the gusset to start where it would fit best on your hand.

How about these :shrug:

Wow, I LOVE those! :inlove:

I printed that pattern out, too.