Adding thumb on knucks

So - now I’m ready to add the thumb (actually, I’ve already added the thumb). The instructions say “place stitch marker, k first 2 ss of next hand round (?) together, k to end of needle 44(54, 64) sts.”

I don’t quite understand. I don’t have 64 sts on one needle. I have 31 (7 from the thumb and 24 after the k2tog). Am I knitting around the palm again and dividing it into several needles? or what? HELP!!!

By the way, you’re help has been a wonderful thing. Thanks millions!

what size are you making? the 54 stitches is for the ladies size gloves and the 64 is for the men. It sounds like you have one stitch too many so just knit two together or ssk somewhere and you should be good.