Adding thread

Obviously I’ve bitten off more than I can knit. I found an outstanding pattern for gloves. It is soooooooo easy. Me who is only just learning understood it right off. So then I go and start to knit one up and on the first finger all done, snip the yarn and then go, Uh oh! Now I have a perfectly good glove started and no yarn attached any where. I know about the stitch holders holding the thumb stitches and picking up stitches for the middle finger, but how do I attach the now unattached yarn? I’m sure there are different ways to do it, any would be helpful.

I have made three gloves, but I just made up how to attach the yarn. One I tied a knot like starting to caste on with a very short dangling end. Also another way I just held really really tightly to the yarn as I started a stitch and just put the unattached yarn on to make the stitch… but to me I just made those up out of desperation to get a glove done! There’s got to be a tried and tested way that are a little more secure feeling promoting than my two ways. Anyone got any ideas?


When you have to start knitting in a new spot, just start knitting, leaving a tail of the new end to weave in later.


Thanks tons! I’ll do that.