Adding stitiches for thumb

[color=blue]Good Morning! Another beautiful day here in Maine. I am making mittens for our grandsons. Adding stitches for the thumb is creating unwanted holes up both sides. What is the best method to use. Currently I am knitting into the front and back to make a stitch. Thanks so much! :hug:

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I did two methods, the backward loop, or the thumb loop, and then I cast on (which I liked much better)…the number of stitches needed. BUT with that method, oh rats…lets see if I can figure out how to tell you…

Normally when you cast on, you have the stitches ending up on the left needle, but in this case, you want it on the right needle. So, turn your work, cast on the number of stitches, turn your work back, and viola, they’ll be on the right needle. THEN, to avoid holes, knit only in the back of the “end” stitches. The “end” meaning the first and last stitch of those that you’ve cast on.

the backward loop is easy, but oh so sloppy and only good for stretching about 3 maybe 4 stitches. (imo of course). :slight_smile:

I do a M1 increase to avoid the holes.

I do M1 increases too – no holes :thumbsup:

Yeah, it’s tricky alright. As posted in my other topic over in What’cha Knittin’ (what I call Mloves I made for my DH) I found it so difficult making fingerless gloves (well they had fingers but only half fingers) I only did a thumb and index finger & bailed out. If you want to see a pic go here:

But I also do M1. I don’t turn the work around, just make a couple loops on the right needle. My thumb turned out ok but my index finger had a major space that I had to fix. If you have attached another colour like I did you can use the tails of yarn to be sewn up inside to weave through the holes and tighten everything up. Sorry this got so wordy! I’d love to take a class on how to do these the perfect way

If you do a M1 increase, do you K in the back loop?

Yes, you knit into the small loop in the back.

[color=blue]Thanks all! :muah: I will try it that way. I just viewed Amy’s video for M1.

Happy Holidays!


THis is the best way of adding a thumb for mittens that I have seen.,2025,DIY_14141_3053223,00.html

[color=blue]Feministmama- My mum use to make them that way but I like the thumb that comes out from the side of the mitten using increases. They seem more comfortable to me. Thank you so much for writing! :hug: