Adding stitches??

Hi, I’m just learning to knit so I’ve started with a scarf! You can see that I’m getting better as i go on, however, I keep managing to add stitches!

I’ve tried unravelling and starting again but I’m not sure how I’m doing it to stop it, any ideas?
Thank you!

You’re knitting looks very good and it is becoming more even as you knit. Very nice.
You may be adding the extra sts at the beginnibg of the row. For the knit stitch the yarn is held in back. Be sure to bring the yarn to the back under the needle. If you bribg the yarn to the back over the left needle, that first stitch will look like two sts and your stitch count will increase.

Here’s some more possibilities.

Thank you very much! Some excellent pointers on that post,thank you :slight_smile

I have a feeling that I started paying too much attention to the tv and not where my yarn is! :smile: