Adding Stitches to a Pattern?


There is a free pattern for a sweater at Berroco which only goes to size Large. I need a 2x or 3x. This is a link to it so you can see the pattern if you want. This is a beautiful pattern and I really want to do it. But I’m a “big boned” (hehehe, or pleasantly plump:rofl: ) woman. Is there any way I can just add stitches to the beginning and end of the rows to make it more my size? If not, can anyone tell me what I need to do? I really appreciate ANY info on this subject!!!

Your Knitting Friend,
Terrie :knitting:

I’ve often wondered about increasing the size of a garment past what is offered in a pattern.

I don’t know what the difference would be between a large and a 2x but could you either use a bulkier yarn or larger needles and get the size you want?

I’m wondering if just adding stitches to the sides would throw off any shaping.

The back is knit plain and the pattern is only on the center 50 sts of the front. If you look at the drawing, the total circumference for the large size is 65" around, so that means it’s about 17" larger than the bust size it’s to fit. Figure out how many inches you need to fit you. I think this is already a thicker yarn, but you can go up a little in needle size. The ribbing is knit on smaller needles, then it decreases the sts. Use 10½s for the ribbing and switch to size 11s, but don’t decrease any stitches, or not as many; use the stitch number you get from figuring out the measurement for you.

Then work on the shaping instructions pretty much as written, though your numbers won’t match, but you can figure out where you need to shape by taking a percentage of the numbers in the pattern and applying that to your stitch number.