Adding stiches on circular needles in the middle of work

I am making my first hat on circular needles and for the brim the pattern asked me to cast on 20 stiches. Which I did, but now I am nervous that when I go to continue the work there will be a hole in the work. Was I supposed to cast on while knitting?

Apparently so or it wouldn’t have had you do that. Do you have a link to the pattern?

No I don’t. I bought the pattern online. All it says is turn work and using the cable cast on method cast on 20 sts.

Then that’s what you do. Further on in the pattern you’ll knit over those sts. Looking at a picture of it could help you understand, and if you have a link to that online, would help us a little, too.

Here is the picture of the hat I am working on.

Okay, it looks like those sts will be knit the other direction to make the garter stitch edge/brim. It’ll work out right. Cute hat!

There have been questions about the brim on this hat before. As you knit the brim in garter st, you will be joining it to the hat itself by knitting 2sts together, one from the brim and one from the hat. it is indeed very good looking and fun to knit.