Adding spots to a pattern

I am new to this but I’d like to adapt a toy pattern and add spots of various sizes. I would rather knit them into the pattern that embroider them afterwards.
How do I go about getting a round shape? Is it similar to a cross stitch pattern?
thanks in anticipation of some help

If it’s knit flat you use intarsia. If it’s knit in the round you use fair isle. Both techniques can be found under the video tab and then advanced techniques.

If you are using fairisle info can also be found here for the two handed technique.

Thank you Jan. I’m not familiar with the term’intarsia’ (I’m pretty green!)so I will have a look at the video.
this is great to be able to get advice from experts. A good way of keeping we amateurs enthusiastic.
have a good day

the layout of all patterns you enter (no matter if intarsia or fair isle) you have to make… and yes: it is mainly like cross stitch. just please respect that a stitch in knitting is not exactly square. your gauge swatch will tell you how “un-square” your stitches really are. Just adapt your pattern.
Mostly you will just need to respect that stitches are a little wider than high.