Adding rounds

I have a Yoda beanie I knitted last year for my LO. This year it still fits but is a little short. It’s just a plain rolled brim- no ribbing. Is it possible to pick up stitches and add a few rounds and have it still curl like it’s supposed to?

Because of the way stockinette curls I’m not sure how or even if this would work. When you cast on and knit it rolls from the bottom up. If you were to pick up and knit down… I don’t know what would happen. You can certainly try it.

What is LO? And why don’t you want to just knit a new hat?

LO is little one (child). As for not knitting a new one, I’m just trying to make the one I have last longer. But if it won’t work right, I’ll make a new one.

Oh! That’s a new acronym to me, but I like it! :slight_smile:

I’m just not sure it would work. I’ve been thinking about it… I wonder if you turned the hat inside out and picked up stitches on the inside and purled…Hmm… I’m just going to have to try it because now this puzzle is driving me crazy. Haha :joy:

If you try it let me know. I think for now, I’ll just plan on doing a new hat. Unless someone else comments and says its possible. Thank you for answering my question!!

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