Adding rib to neckline

Good afternoon everyone! I have two more newbie questions.

I’m (finally) finishing off my first knit vest, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem. The pattern says to sew the right shoulder together and then “pick up 145 sts along neckline and work in K1P1Rib for 8 rows. BO all sts in pattern.” Then “Sew neck band and left shoulder seam.”

My question is, 145 sts is all the way around the neckline, so why do I need to sew the neckband? If I’ve picked up the sts from the neckline and then done the ribbing, isn’t the ribbing already attached?

Question 2. Since I’m picking up sts all the way around the neckline (and the same for the arms), am I really knitting this in the round?


Sewing the right shoulder together but not the left will have you working flat for the rib and the ends will have to be sewn together when you do the left shoulder seam. If you prefer, sew both shoulder seams and then work your rib in the round. I think that’s the way I would do it.

Good for you for getting this close to finished! I hope you’ll share a photo.

ETA If you choose to work the rib in the round you will need an even number of stitches. Since 2 would be used to seam the ends together I would subract 3 and work with 142 sts.

Thanks GrumpyGramma :slight_smile: It seems like it would make more sense to knit it in the round to me too. That way I think I avoid the extra seam.

I didn’t know that doing the ribbing in the round requires an even number of stitches. Is that for all knitting in the round, or just specific to ribbing?

I’ll try to post pics!

for the ribbing… it’s specific to your pattern. depending on the type of ribbing, you could have multiples of anything…

k1/p1 requires multiples of 2
k2/p1 requires multiples of 3
k2/p2 requires multiples of 4, and so on…

whatever ribbing combination you choose, it will have a certain number of knits, and a certain number of purls. your full number of stitches should be a multiple of those knits/purls together.

Wish I had read this first before starting my own ribbed neckband for the first time… I decided to sew both shoulders together but did not factor in the 2 sts for the seam, and I forgot that in the round you need an even # of sts… :frowning: