Adding purse handles?

I made a cute little bag - felted it up and its a rectangle bag - I went to the store today and got some beautiful wooden purse handles to put on the bag - but I dont know how??? :teehee:

The purse is already felted - do I sew it in using the same wool yarn and felt it again? Would that hurt the wood handles? Do I just sew it in with yarn? I’ve always made the handles with yarn but since its just a small cluth I didnt think it would look right with that. This is going to be a Christmas present so I need to get it done pretty quickly.

Any advise would be GREAT!

I’m not sure so I’ll bump it for those who know. I’ve only used the knitted handles so far.

I have used grosgrain ribbon before to attach handles that are U-shaped with opening for the ribbon to go thru. Don’t know if this is any help to you though. If they are circular handles I’d have to think on that one a while!

Well - I attempted it on my own and I think it turned out alright - I ended up getting thread that was close to the same color. My problem starting off was holding them in place so I got huge pins and tacked them down while I just stitched around the handles. Took quite a long time - but I got a needle that went through the felting pretty nicely and the end project turned out beautiful! I’m so proud of it!!! I ended up taking that needle and adding buttons on the front for a decoration design - YIPEE! I DID IT!!! :cheering:

Glad it turned out for you!! Now we need a picture :happydance: