Adding on

I’m a very beginning knitter. I’m attempting to do a simple sweater pattern, seen here:

Where the sleeves start, it says to “add on” stitches to make the extra length. I assume this is done by casting on additional stitches. I was taught the continental cast on, and it doesn’t seem to work in this situation.

I’ve also attempted using a single cast on, but when I knit the next row, I get a growing strand of yarn between the stitches I just completed, and the cast-on stitches that I need to knit next.

Is there some other method to do this, or do I just need to practice to get my tension right?

I can’t describe any methods of adding on stitches as I’m relatively new to knitting myself, but in the video section of this site there are videos showing how to increase stitches.

Sounds like you’re using a backward loop cast on. That’s my least favorite for just that reason - all that extra yarn between the new cast on stitches and the existing row. It can work if you’re only casting on 1-2-3 very few stitches, but the more new cast on stitches, the more extra yarn there will be.

I would use a knitted or cable cast on. Check the video sections.

It’s the red T-shirt, right? Hmmm, I’m not seeing the bit where they say to add on more stitches to make the sleeves longer. But what I DO see, is where they tell you to “add on stitches” to make the sleeves. Here’s what you want to do: On the first add on row, work the sts for the body. Then, “add on sts”, using the backward loop cast on method (see the video on this site). Now, for the 2nd row, work those new sts and then the sts of the body, and then with the backward loop method, cast on the sts for the 2nd sleeve. On the 3rd row, you will now work all the sts. When you do backward loop cast on, there isn’t much to hold the new sts in place until you’ve knit them for a row or 2. So they can kind of loosen up, especially if you have a lot of them, as in this pattern. So when you are knitting them, at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd rows, by the time you get to the end of the new sts and back to the body part, you may end up with a gap of yarn. Just grab it with your finger or needle and loop it around the needle once or twice, until the gap is all used up. Then knit those loops with the next st. It’s in the underarm part, so no one will ever be able to tell.

Yes, you’re using the backward loop CO and it’s really not a good one for this use. Try the knit or cable CO - move the needle with the sts on it to your left hand, knit on the sts, then work them along with the previouse one.

Thanks ladies, I had looked at various videos last night, but did not realize the end results of each would be so different! I just tried the knitting-on and that’s going to work for me.

On a humorous note: We homeschool, and my 14yo just caught me watching the video with knitting in hand and thought it was very funny that Mom was “doing school” too!