Adding On

Ok…so i am a beginner at the knitting thing, and I am having a problem with adding on. The piece I started on was not very big at all and I want to make a blanket but my piece is not big enough. Can anyone help me to figure out how to add on to my wanna be blanket.
Thanks Eve :??

Will the piece you already have be in the center of the blanket? You can make stitches:
Use super long circular needles -
1)Starting at a corner, insert right needle into a stitch. As if you were doing a yarn over, wrap the workign end around your needle and drag it through to form a loop. (you won’t be using a left needle at this point).
2) repeat this, with all loops sliding on to your right needle. When you reach each corner or your existing piecse (I’m assuming it’s square), add a marker.
3) when you’ve reached the corner where you started, make sure you add a marker there, too.
4) begin knitting in the round. each time you come to a marker, increase your stitches by 1. You can use just about any method you wish to increase, since you have no pattern and have complete creative license here.
5.) When your piece has become big enough to use as a throw or blanket, then bind off the edges.

Good luck! Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! I am kinda scared that I will mess my work up and I am not sure if it will be in the center or on the side. Which would you suggest? what is the easiest? It all sounds complicated. I just started knitting on Friday (last friday), so I am really not fimiliar with knitting terms, but thanks for the help.
Thanks Eve :shrug:

The good news is…the way I described, if it doesn’t work out, you can unravel it and your original work will be unharmed.

Another suggestion would be to make other pieces the size of the one you just made (blocks) and then attach them all together. (I’m working on one of those right now).
How big is your original piece?

I am not sure how big it is going to be but I have 21 stiches??? I guess that is what you would call them. I just wanted it to be pretty. I love bright colors and anything creative so this was right up my alley. Thanks for your help, I am sure i will have plenty more questions.
Thanks Eve