Adding On To Finished Sweater

I knitted a sweater for my baby granddaughter last year that still fits well except for the body length. I’d like to add on to the body by taking out the cast on, which I’ve never liked as it’s not stretchy at all, and knitting a couple of inches of ribbing. Is this possible?

Thanks, Marta

The easiest way would be to pick up stitches around the bottom and add length.

You could take out the cast on but you would have to secure a row of stitches above it with a lifeline and then cut and pick out the stitches since it won’t unravel easily in that direction.

If you do want to cut off the cast on, there’s some very good tips in Techknitter’s tutorial.

Thanks for the advice! The link was great, very informative. I’m going to have a go at lengthening the sweater just for the experience, though I expect it’ll be quicker to just knit another one :wink: .