Adding new yarns

hello, i’m rather new to stitching and this website. i’ve got one question that i would like to ask and hopefully you guys can give me some help please. so here’s my question: i’m stitching a scarf for a start and encountered a problem, my ball of yarn is ending soon and i need to add in another new ball of yarn to continue with my stitching. the problem is i don’t know how to add in the new ball of yarn and hopefully someone can guide me to it please. thank you.:mrgreen:

When I first started Knitting I just dropped the yarn that was ending and picked up the new yarn and started knitting with it, leaving a tail to darn in later. But have learned that there are a few good ways to add new yarn with out leaving tails to darn in. Check out the videos on this site, they are very helpful, i especially like the russian join technique.

If the yarn will felt I am very fond of the felted join. Otherwise I just tie the new yarn to the tail of old yarn with a slip knot and start knitting with it.

Leave enough tail of each at that point that you can weave them in later.

As mentioned, there are several ways of going about it, those are just the ones I use. Check out Amy’s videos on the site, they really do help.

thanks guys, the help is really useful. i’ll try out the few methods for myself. really thanks alot! :slight_smile:

I use knots. I tie the ends together loosely, knit a few rows, then go back and rearrange it so the knot is in the back loop of a knit stitch, tie a little tighter and hide the ends. Doesn’t show or work loose to the other side.