Adding new yarn to my project

I’m fairly new at knitting and I don’t have anyone who can help me living nearby… I’m knitting a pattern from the Lion Brand website, and I’m not at all sure how to add a new skein of yarn. The pattern I’m using is for the Weekend TV Lapghan.
I can’t really find anything online that helps me, so if anyone can explain how I would add my next skein, I’d really appreciate the help.


You can just start knitting with the new yarn and weave in the ends later. If it helps you can tie a loose knot then keep knitting. Later you can take out the knot and weave in the ends or leave the knot if it’s never going to show and weave. Since it’s a two sided project I’d probably take it out.

I have one more question with the same project (Weekend TV Lapghan on the Lion Brand website).
How would I rip out a row on this? Would it be the same as any video I’ve seen for ripping out something like a knit stitch or stockinette stitch?

Thanks again!

Yes, if you’re just going to unknit a row, put the L needle into the st below the one on the R needle, slide the R needle back and pull the yarn out. Or just gently push the R needle back and pull the yarn out of a couple at a time and put the sts on the L needle.

You don’t have to change the yarn at the end/beginning of a row though, if that’s why you want to take out the row. Just start whereve you are. Loosely knot the ends together with long enough tails to weave in and keep going. After a few more rows, you can go back and either readjust and tighten the knot, or take it out and weave in the ends.

Thanks to both of you! I made a mistake on the last row I did, but I didn’t want to rip it out without knowing how to get going again. Now that I know how to add yarn and fix the mistake, maybe I can actually finish this :slight_smile:

Look on the Tips page for some videos to fix a mistake without taking out even the row. You knit until you’re over it on the next row, then you can fix it.