Adding new color on a slip1?


I’ve been wanting to try mosaic knitting and my friend shared this scarf pattern with me yesterday. I was doing a test run on it and it was looking cute and all, but in row 3, where you add the CC, it starts with a slip 1 with yif, knit. How would you add a new color with a slip stitch? is this a case where I need to make a little temporary knot or just hold the tail of the new color snugly and just make sure the yarn crosses in front when I go back to knit?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Since the yarn has to cross in front of the slipped stitch, I’d go with the knot. Some knitters think it’s sacrilege to knot, but I think that’s the best way in this case. You can go back and do something differently later, and it won’t be an issue once the cc yarn is attached, so one knot won’t matter.