Adding more inches to a stockinette blanket

I completed a blanket for a twin size bed… A simple stockinette pattern. It looks fine-- however I want to increase the length of the blanket. As I was searching for some answers, I stubbled upon this person’s advice.:

[I]You can undo your work, but there is an easier way.
Just pick up stitches on the finished edge- this is done all the time at armholes for some sleeve types, at the neckline for some collars, and around the sides to add knitted edgings.
Insert the needle into the first stitch, yarn over and pull through - that creates a new loop onto the needle
continue inserting and pulling up stitches for each stitch in the row,
Then just knit in whatever pattern you have chosen.

I thought I would use this technique. What do you think?


That’s an OK way to do it, but you will have an obvious seam at the join. There will be a slight dip on the right side and a ridge on the wrong side where you picked up the stitches. It won’t continue the stockinette smoothly down the piece.

Did you do some kind of border around the stockinette? (Garter? Rib? Seed stitch?) If you pick up from there, the seam itself would be less noticeable, but you’ll have a strip of the border running across it and not just around your edges. (That’s called a design feature. :teehee: )

Obviously, neither of these impact the function of the blanket, so it’s up to you whether they will bother you. Ripping back isn’t really that big of a deal. (Although, it gives my friends heart attacks when they watch me do it!)