Adding Length to the Sweater I just finished

:knitting: I just finished a very nice sweater vest, and it’s too short for the person I made it for. (He’s 6’6"). I’ve added 3 inches to the bottom rib and he’d still like it longer. Is there a way for me to add length above the rib stiches without unravelling the whole thing from the top?

You can cut off the Cast on, unravel to above the bottome rib, knit however long you want, rib it and bind off.

I’m having trouble unraveling from the bottom. Is there a trick to this? It doesn’t seem to work in this direction.

was this knit in the round? or flat?
(please say round)
anyway heres a trick for ripping out, before you undo your cast on take a tapestry needle and a long cord of floss and thread it through [B]one[/B] row of stitches (do not go up and down rows!!! stay within one band of “v’s”)

this way when you rip back to that row, the floss will hold your stitches in place and you can put them back on the needle and continue to rib)

Did you knit frome the top down or bottom up? That would make a difference.:???:

I’ve found that unraveling ribbing, or anything that’s knit/purl from the bottom is a pain beyond all pains. Your best bet is to cut until you get to almost where you want to be and then pick out the rest.:shrug:

It was knit in the round from the bottom up. I like the idea of threading the floss through a row, but picking out each stich is going so slow.

its better than starting over :roflhard:

Thanks everybody. I finally got the bottom off and have added another 6 inches successfully (before the rib). Guess I just needed some patience.
There’s a tutorial with pictures of what phantom was describing. Hope it helps!