Adding in different color for narrow stripe

I am knitting on a small baby beanie cap. It calls for 2 rows of a different color, 2 rows of the base color, 2 rows of different color, etc. My question is this: what is the best technique for adding in color for just two rows? Do I cut off the original thread and tie the new color to the tail?

Is there a better way to introduce a new color to the piece?:knitting:

I’m knitting the same thing at the moment.

I’m presuming you’re not knitting in the round. I always carry the colour I’m not using, up the side of my work for stripes this narrow. Don’t pull the yarn tight when you carry it as you don’t want it to warp your knitting.

try intarsia…probably doesnt solve the que

I agree with miss_molly - for 2-row stripes, don’t cut off your colors, just carry them up. Tying and cutting every 2 rows means you would have to weave all of those ends in, and it will just add bulk to the baby cap.