Adding in a new colour to make a design

I am on my first project EVER!!! Its the little leaf scarf found in the free scarf patterns on this site and I have a sort of odd question. What I would like to do is block off a small section of the pattern and just do a small St square with a skull pattern in it. Now I can figure out how to stop the pattern Im doing and do St for a while and I have a skull pattern **similar to the one on the hat in the photo wall area of this forum ** But I cant figure out how to add the new yarn colour along side the one I am using so that I can create this pattern.

I realize I maybe way over extending myself here but the idea is that I really enjoy knitting and I would like to knit in this sort of small pattern area to all my knitting projects as a way of marking them as my work. I would really appreciate any help even if Its just to say “you cant do this, its impossible”. Then at least I would know. Big Hugs this is an awsome site and has helped me sooo much!!
I wanted to post links of pics showing what I want but it wont let me until my third post :shrug:

Look on the Advanced Techniques page under How to knit with 2 colors, then Intarsia, that should show you how to change the colors.

yes I have watched the videos, many times but I am not sure how to bring in a new yarn. At the moment I am only using orange yarn in the scarf, I would like to add blue to that one little part but I am not sure if its possible to add a new yarn into an almost completed work. In the videos the two yarns appear to have been in the piece since cast on.

Does this make sense?? LOL Im sorry thank your so much for your response.


Then you probably want duplicate stitch, which is another color over the knitted one. I’m not sure if there’s a video for it here, but you can google it and I’m sure there’s lots of links, and probably at You Tube.

Thank you sooo much suzeeq. i just looked it up and this is exactly what I wanted to do! I really appreciate the help cloud9