Adding heart to blanket

I am making a baby blanket that has rows of random thicknesses of two colours (light brown and pink). I was thinking it would be nice to add a small-medium sized pink heart to one of the light brown rows. The main body of the blanket is stockinette st. Would I just add the new colour as I came to the spot where I want the heart? Wouldn’t the tails really show when I wove them in later?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Yes, just start the new colour where you want the heart. Then weave the tails into the heart, so they’re hidden amongst the same coloured sts. Kind of tricky since it’s a blanket and there’s no hidden side, but this article ( has some handy pointers.

Thanks! I will have to think about this… The middle of the heart will be easy to weave the new colour in at the large part of the heart but will harder at the point etc of the heart. I just might leave it as plain stripes!!