Adding gusset to increase size

Someone here suggested adding a gusset to increase the size of my too-small sweater. She got this idea from “Knitting in Plain English” which turns out to be quite helpful in other ways. I plan to knit an inch and a half width of fabric the length of the sleeves and sides of the sweater. Since the front band of the cardigan is a rib stitch, I thought making the gusset in rib stitch would make it coordinate with the front band and look like it was designed that way. Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best seam to make when I connect the rib stitch gusset to the stockinette main body and sleeve?

Thanks. I love this forum! It’s so helpful!

I recently added a gusset to a sweater in order to enlarge it. It had been knitted in two pieces, from cuff to center (at right angles to the usual way of knitting) and had kimono style 3/4 sleeves. I added the gusset by knitting up stitches along the lateral selvedge of each finished piece, that is: up from cuff edge along the underside of the sleeve, underarm, and and then down the side to the bottom edge. The only mistake I made was that, in fact, I didn’t need it! The sweater is now too big for me. :doh: