Adding felt

So I’ve decided to knit yet another baby blanket (lots of lockdown babies) I was wondering is it ok to add felt appliques to a knitted blanket I’ve never done it before and was abit worried about it being washed.Are there any tips I should know before I decide to go for it any help would much appreciated thanks in advance

Hi, I’ve no experience in this myself so I hope someone here who does will offer some guidance.
I wonder if the felt patch would ‘pull’ against the knitted fabric and crumple over time (and numerous washes with baby items)
Sorry not to be able to offer anything more.

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I haven’t done this either but would have the same concern about losing the stretchiness of the blanket. I suppose it depends on how many appliques and how much area is covered.
This seems like very good advice on the technique:


Thank you I will have a good look

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