Adding color to your knitting....question about bobbins >>>

to save me a trip to the LYS, what are the best things to use for holding the other color if you’re not carrying it up the side?

I was thinking just a piece of cardboard with the yarn wrapped around it?

A bobbin can be almost anything that holds the yarn - the plastic tie tabs off bread wrappers or potato sacks, for instance. I am working on an Icelandic sweater, and the instruction book specifically says not to use bobbins, to roll the secondary colors in small balls (which I found needed to be confined in a sturdy, heavy bowl to control them!). There are very nice paste-board bobbins sold for embroidery thread that work very well. The best bobbins I ever saw were the little wooden thread spools (which are almost non-existent now) that served for silk twist (buttonhole thread); good grip, light weight but sturdy.

You can also just let the yarn hang, too, and pull out each strand if it tangles.

I’ve used wooden clothespins. I wound the yarn around and clipped it off short when I wasn’t knitting with that particular color (so it stayed closed to the work and tangle-free). When I was ready for that color, I’d unwind some and knit away.