Adding cable design to a plain sweater pattern

I have a question about adding a cable design to a sweater pattern I found on line. Is this possible to insert a cable design into say a sweater pattern with no design? I would
love to insert / add a cable pattern into the back and both front panels.
Just need input from those who know… :thinking:


Yes, it is possible, but you might have to add a few stitches to both panels as cables decreases a bit the circumference. It would be best to knit a small square and from that square check out what effect the cables have on your gauge.


Again, thank you :pray: I will work a small section to try.

Worked beautifully! I inserted cable patterns on a simple shawl collared sweater and for a first attempt it was a success.
Love :two_hearts: knitting

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Nice that it worked out for you!