Adding beads

Hello everyone! I’m new here and hoping you all can help me with a question.

I am currently working on a toe-up sock pattern that requires adding beads. It is recommended to pre-string the beads to be able to add them later to the pattern, however the beads are really small and so I didn’t pre-string them (it also forgot to mention that in the pattern so I began the process only to realize it later…argh!).

Anyway, I have not added beads before so in my You Tube search for how to add beads, there is the wire method. This looks like a viable option and to me makes complete sense and shouldn’t be any different for the end result.

I’d like to know what your thoughts are as I am still relatively new to knitting and I don’t want to assume I’m correct-especially when I’ve done that before and ended up being very wrong. LOL!!:doh:

Thanks for your time!


Welcome to KnittingHelp!
I like this way of adding beads because the beads are held in place. Often, when you string the beads there’s a tendency for them to move and slip to the back of the knit piece(depending on the nearby sts.)