Adding an Image to a Pattern

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Any help with this would be MUCH appreciated.

My boyfriend is a cadet at the US Military Academy, and I want to make him a blanket since it’s starting to get cold up this way. I found a pattern (linked below) that I think would look really nice with their colors, black and gold, but I was thinking of trying to add the Army “A” (linked below as well) to the middle of the blanket.

My question is twofold. 1. should this be added into the pattern and knitted as the blanket is being knitted, or should it be sewn in on top after the blanket’s been finished? and 2. How do I go about doing either of those?


Logo/Image (just the “A”, not the knight):

Thank you in advance!!


Lion Brand Knitting Needles - Size 50 [25 mm] (‘Speed Stix’)

Those needles are an inch thick (25.4 mm = 1 inch).

I also see the pattern call for four (4) colors all knit as one combined strand.

First, to knit the “A” into the pattern you would first need to chart the letter onto a grid to represent stitches and rows.

The pattern is just 34 sts and inches wide. So in image terms it is highly pixelated. Your charted A will need to be at least 10 rows tall and 8 sts wide (5:4 or 1.25 is a common aspect ratio for st st).

Because of the size of the multi-strands and the stitches, I think [B]intarsia[/B] would be the method to use over the other choices of stranding or duplicate stitch.

The letter has three colors, black, gold, & white. Each color block in the char would be 4 strands of a single color. This would be a good time to look up Navajo knitting. You use a single strand but first form very long loop slip knots which turns the single strand into a three ply strand. That would be very handy here.

Good luck.[/color]