Adding a second color?

I would like to try this

How do I add another color to a pattern? I’ve seen videos on how to knit using more than one color, but how do I get the second color on the needle?

See in the pattern where it says “Change to CC”? You would pick up a strand of the other color and begin knitting with it. When you’re finished, you weave the ends into the afghan.

in this case, you will knit 5 inches in the MC, then cut it leaving at least a 4 inch tail to weave in later, and in the first stitch of the next row, insert the needle into the stitch normally and instead of wrapping the MC around it, knit instead with the CC, leaving 4 inches of the CC to weave in later, as well.

hope this helps!

I just found the video that answered my question. I just couldn’t understand how I would get the second color on the needle. :woohoo:

Pick up the new colour when needed, (in this pattern at beginning of row) Start to knit first stitch but use the new colour to loop over the needle instead of the first colour. keep knitting with new colour.
there are various ways to deal with the loose ends. I just knot them together at the start of row, after knitting a few sts, then weave them in later when sewing up. Others might, knit them in for the first 2-3 sts.