Adding a purl stitch to make it easier to sew

There was a thread about making a purl stitch on the front and end of each row so that you can sew the pieces together more easily. Do you do this on the sides of the sweater back, front, shoulders, and sleeves? Do you just add 2 extra stitches when you are casting on? I am about to knit a sweater and when I knitted a mitten, I ran into the problem of the rolled edge where I needed to join the mitten to the other side. I don’t want to have this trouble on a sweater.

No, don’t add a stitch, just make sure the first and last sts are purled if you want to do this. It may not keep the edges from curling, but it could help make seaming easier.

I always have a purl stitch on the sides for sewing. The only problem is that it WON’t help with curling the edges. You need at least 2-3 because I tried doing 1 purl stitch on the sides and they still curled.

I havn’t done sweaters yet so i don’t know if the purl stitches on the sides is right for a sweater.

The very end sts will be hidden in the seam, so it doesn’t matter what you do to them. The curling itself is fixed by seaming.