Adding a new color in the middle of a row

I am a new knitter, trying to add a monogram (3 letters-CSK) in the middle of a row, HOW DO I PICK UP THE NEW YARN COLOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROW?

:happydance: Hi, Welcome to KH!!

You just pick it up and knit with it like you would the other yarn… you don’t have to do anything to it first… You might also want to check out Amy’s video on knitting with 2 colors :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see the finished object!!

When I do intarsia and am starting the first stitch, I knit the stitch with the new color, but then I make sure that I bring the yarn that I just stopped using over on top of the strand of the new color on the back of the work–just lay it over the new color strand, so that it will be in position to be twisted on the next row.