Adding a lifeline

I went to the basic techniques and advanced techniques but for some reason I can’t find how to do a lifeline? Where can I find it along with fixing mistakes, etc? :??

Thanks for your help

If you just want to do a lifeline to keep your row safe in case of frogging, put some yarn on a tapestry needle and slide it through all the stitches on your needle, just under the needle–it’ll slide right in.

If you want to secure a row before frogging, check out ‘finding a destination row’ in the fixing mistakes section.

Kathy -

There are some videos for fixing mistakes on the …And More tab on basic techinques (here).

As for a life line. When you finish a row & you know everything is correct you can thread a piece of scrap yarn, dental floss or fishing line, into a tapestry needle and then thread it through the stitches on the needle. Be sure to only to through the open spaces of the stiches (don’t go through a piece of yarn. You can leave the life line in for as long as you want to and then just pull out gently when ready to insert the next life line.

You can also use extra cables from an interchangeable set, if you have them, as a life line.

I hope this helps - let us know if you have any other questions.

That is so cool. Thanks!

A beginner, I just joined this forum yesterday! What a great place! If I hadn’t found Amy’s hint on using a lifeline, my bamboo needles would have been thrown into the fireplace with my knitting by now. It has saved me so many times! I know I would have given up. Thank you!