Adding a hood to baby wrap jacket

Hello all. I am making this adorable baby wrap

in self striping cotton baby yarn Sesia Bimbo. I have already made booties to go with it, and was going to make a hat, but was thinking that perhaps a hood would be much more convenient for mom.

It is a slightly heavy fingering weight. Does anyone have a pattern or secret to adding a hood?

I’d like a lightweight small one that doesn’t flap forward and cover the face, like one of these:

especially this one – loose and not too big:!Bll7L3w!mk~%24(KGrHqEH-D0EtrQGqcPOBLcT6rIZig~~_35.JPG&imgrefurl=

Gotta finish it by Friday lol!

Many thanks!

Just me!

Because of the V shape at the front, you may have to start increasing for the hood deep in the V so that it slopes up to the chin and then covers the head. It’s a very sweet pattern but not so easily adapted to the kinds of hood that you link to.

Thanks. I was unfortunately coming to that conclusion myself… :frowning: