Adding a cuff to an arm?

The arms on the sweater I’m making are going to be too short, I fear. Can I add a cuff for length? Best way to do this? Crochet? Before I sew the arm seam or after? This poor sweater has had so many problems from the start! Help me get it done!

I’ve got a sweater I think will have the same problem.

I plan on crochet for the sleeves and waist. But this particular sweater pattern already calls for crochet around the neck.

Just look at it and decide what will look best. If it doesn’t look like you figured you can always rip it out and try something else.

Depending on the stitch pattern you can sometimes add length by snipping the CO edge, unpicking the sts to make them live, and then working down. (If not already seamed best to do it now as you’d have to unseam it first anyway.) Stockinette is easy as it looks the same worked either direction. Some st patts can’t be worked down and then you’d need to decide a transitional row or two and then the cuff. Crochet always works (best done after seaming) but then you might want to add a bit of crochet elsewhere for balance. (Sc on pocket, around neck, etc.)

If undoing the CO seems too daunting (it’s quite easy, actually) and crochet doesn’t work into the scheme of things than best you frog and start over.


Thanks for the help! The pattern already has an edging of sc around the side vents and front edges, so I think it would look ok. Really, I just want to do whatever’s easiest and get this sweater done with.

Easiest is crochet. (Although I’m much more familiar with a crochet hook than knitting needles so I may be biased.)

You could pick up the stitches along the bottom and add ribbing. You wouldn’t have to take anything out.