Adding a closure for a sweater

I’ve finished cardigan type sweaters for my 18-month old twin grandsons. They do not have buttonholes on them and my daughter-in-law says, “They’re very cute, but the babies won’t keep them on probably.” Any ideas about how I could add a closure of some type–buttons, snaps, velcro, super-glue??? Thanks.

Ha ha… Mom of three here and the super glue was funny! :teehee:

As a mom I like snaps, but I don’t know how well they work with hand knitted items, they may do well.

I would NOT use velco on anything I knitted. I’d be afraid that it would catch on the knitting.

Zippers are good too.

If you want to do buttons you would add button holes… I know that I’ve seen how to add the loopy ones that are at the edge of the piece…

I was thinking buttons would look nicest and work the best…but I don’t know how to add buttonholes… the problem with grandmas is we sometimes forget that our grandchildren don’t just [B]sit looking wonderful in the garments we knit them![/B]

Just do a simple chain stitch loop at the top front corner; you don’t even have to use a crochet hook, just your fingers.

The buttonloop in this tutorial looks nice and is easy to do…

Thank you. I think that will work nicely.