Adding a border

I am almost finished with a baby bolero cardigan and the last step is to add the boarder. The pattern states to pick up and knit from one side of the cardigan to the top of the other side and then to do the same thing for the opposite side.

Does anyone know a good video that will demonstrate how to pick up and knit? I am finding videos for picking up but not pick up and knit. Also I need to pick up and knit along a cast on edge, straight edge, shaped edge and cast off edge. So a video that show how to pick up and knit along all sides of the work would be great! Thank you for your help!

I watched one yesterday on this site. I believe it was under tips. I will probably try it with my current project. I normally use a crochet hook but then I need to turn all the stitches. The video was very helpful.

Tips is under Free Videos

There’s a video here in KH -

It’s really just picking up the stitch and then actually knitting it by wrapping the yarn as usual, but watch the video. :thumbsup:

Hold the piece to be picked up as if itn were your L needle, insert the R needle into a st on the edge (pick up) then wrap the yarn around the needle and bring through (knit). Watching the video will help you get the idea.